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JAMES JEAN “Descendent - Lucid Dreamer”


@jamesjeanart timed release available now over ❤️

For his first time-limited sculpture, James Jean sets a ghostly figure in perpetual freefall. “Descendent - Lucid Dreamer” First seen tumbling through flowers and clouds in an epic 2019 painting, the Descendent has become a prominent motif in James Jean’s explorations of time, space and fantasy. Falling forever, yet somehow serene, the figure represents ‘caught in between' feelings of all kinds – up and down, east and west, dream and reality.

Descendent - Lucid Dreamer is cast in frosted resin, painstakingly refined to achieve the perfect level of transparency. On a mirrored glass pedestal the sculpture becomes illusory – weightless above its own reflection.

Each day of the launch will be accompanied by a puzzle, seven in total. Solve them for the chance to win one of the first seven sculptures from the edition and an original James Jean sketch 😍

Awesome sculpture and a must for any James Jean collector 🙌🏼


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