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alec monopoly "The Currency of Creativity


“The Currency of Creativity” @alecmonopoly new solo show opens tonight 6PM BST @edengallery

The main man will be there 😍 Was crazy last time so should be fun!!

Recognized around the world for his vibrant graffiti art, Alec Monopoly is a world-renowned graffiti artist with a distinctive style that has garnered worldwide recognition. Monopoly is known for consistently pushing the boundaries and encouraging individuality. His art often features well-known characters such as Uncle Pennybags, Richie Rich, and Scrooge McDuck, and the use of bold innovative approaches to examine themes of luxury and excess. In addition to offering commentary on contemporary popular culture and a parody of capitalism, each of Monopoly’s artworks invites viewers to consider the influence of these concepts on modern society.

We’ll be there for sure, anyone else heading there?

Email @edengallery for guest list.


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