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Available now!!! Release with the lovely guys @toxic_arts_official is ‘Tags in turmoil’ by our compadre @_blokone

BLOK's sixth official print release. In this print release, Blok pays homage to his street art roots, seamlessly blending the raw and striking energy of an urban cityscape with the refined methods of a fine artist in their studio.

The iconic Blok character takes center stage, embodying the essence of rebellion, standing strong at the forefront of explosive chaos, in this seemingly minimal composition.

"The world is a mess more and more by the day. Certain characters around the globe need to stand, and put their hands up. I'm not a political person, but it would be false to say that world events currently on going didn't steer the print in the way it evolved.

Showing the image in this minimal way was done not only to pay respect to the basic rudimentary elements of graffiti and street art, but to say that when things are exploding all around you, you need to put your hands up for something. Either to accept blame or to fight back."

This artwork serves as a testament to Blok's transformative journey from the streets to the gallery, capturing the spirit and authenticity of his artistic evolution.

Just an edition of 50 and responsibly priced at £245 a must for any Blok fan.

Get yours now, we have 😉


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