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d*face "target fixation"


Target Fixation explores with originality the power of emotions from the world of piloting and obsessive romance. D*Face depicts the intensity of the passion that consumes its characters.

In this exhibition D*Face immerses us in its singular universe with its unique style, imbued with pop art imagery and punk culture. This monument of street art invites us to explore the range of sensations and emotions inspired by the world of driving and love.

The title of the exhibition, Target Fixation , is taken from a phenomenon deriving from the register of piloting and motorsport. This term is used when a person concentrates so much on an observed object that he, unconsciously, increases the risk of collision with this same object.

Through his works, D*Face was inspired by the parallel between the intense thrill of motor racing and the feeling of euphoria that accompanies a new romantic obsession. These two psychic states both generate a vulnerability likely to make individuals sensitive to potential distractions or pitfalls.

Like its previous exhibition at the Galerie Itinerrance, D*Face has created original works that subtly address the question of the ephemeral and the eternal. Target Fixation erects the character of the pilot, female and male, as a central figure in its theme of lost love.


Exhibition will run from the 23rd June - Saturday 29th July


24bis boulevard du General Jean Simon 75013 Paris

SCHEDULE Tuesday ‒ Saturday: 11 a.m. ‒ 7 p.m. Sunday ‒ Monday: closed



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