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damien hirst"beatiful paintings"


HENI is delighted to present The Beautiful Paintings, the revolutionary new artwork from Damien Hirst that blurs the boundaries between digital and physical art creation using generative and machine learning algorithms. Marking the newest iteration of Hirst’s iconic ‘Spin Paintings’, known for their energetic splashes of colour, The Beautiful Paintings gives collectors the opportunity to choose their own combination of colours, styles, shapes, sizes, and mediums to generate unique artworks and titles.

Collectors have the option to generate the artwork either as a physical artwork, digital artwork (NFT), or both. The physical artworks are printed on canvas and are available in two shapes and four sizes. Each artwork in the series is unique and the physical artworks will be hand-signed with a paint pen on the front by Damien Hirst.


The Beautiful Paintings are available for a limited time only, from 31 March to 10 April at 23:59 PST.



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