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ELIZABETH PEYTON "Frederick Douglass, 1850"


With an edition of silkscreen prints, Elizabeth Peyton makes an emotive tribute to a seminal figure in the history of America.

In Frederick Douglass, 1850 (2020), Peyton renders the titular American abolitionist, orator and writer from the neck up. The intimate and closely-cropped scale emphasises the minimalism and physicality of her brushwork, and heightens the emotional intensity of her subject's expression. She builds up the contours of Douglass’s face from short, watery dabs of oil paint – lending the composition a sense of spirited lightness.

Peyton’s artwork has been meticulously translated into a 32-layer, limited edition silkscreen in close collaboration artisan printmakers at Make-Ready in London – one of a pair of editions launched in support of the National Portrait Gallery in London. Re-opening in June 2023, the Gallery's diversified collection focuses on presenting an inclusive and dynamic picture of the people who have contributed to the rich history of the United Kingdom.

Frederick Douglass, 1850, 2023, silkscreen print © Elizabeth Peyton


Dimensions Unframed: 47.5cm x 37.5cm Framed: 55.2cm x 45.2cm x 3.2cm

Framing Prints can be ordered framed in a natural oak frame, float mounted and protected by UV plexiglass.

Medium 29 layer silkscreen print on 410gsm Somerset tub sized radiant white paper.

Finishing Individually numbered, signed by the artist on reverse and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Release date June 19, 2023



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