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exclusive urban art - "urban feelings"


Exclusive Urban Art is pleased to present the group show “URBAN FEELINGS”!

The idea of Urban Feelings was born after the success of Urban Animals, the summer group show we organized last year with more than 14 international artists!

The group show Urban Feelings invites the artists to arouse emotions in the viewer or represent an emotion in its depiction. The type of emotions or feelings to convey them, and how to do it, is absolutely at the discretion of the artists. The choice of a macro-theme is precisely to give to the artists the maximum freedom of expression!

At Urban Feelings will partecipate among the most famous urban and contemporary artists of the international art scene, such as Bordalo II, Sandra Chevrier, Roamcouch, Roy’s People, Ardif, Kurar, Andrew Scott and Bjor!


You can request a collector preview package by contacting the gallery via the link in Instagram bio.


03.07.2023 - 20.07.2023

Via della Reginella, 1A - Rome



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