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@felipepantone and @configurableart release a new collaboration


Edition of 200

(20 AP)  

35 x 30 x 15.5 cm 

14 x 12 x 6 in

UV paint, UHS lacquer, PMMA, aluminum, stainless steel, ball bearings

3 kg. / 6,6 lb

Signed and numbered by the artist

Certificate of Authenticity

Configurable Art is pleased to present Subtractive Variability Kosmos Axis, a table sculpture composed of three translucent discs in cyan, magenta, and yellow, firmly arranged on a rotating aluminum support and base.

SVK AXIS is part of the series of works titled Subtractive Variability Kosmos, a nod to celestial equilibrium and order. Activated by a balanced interplay of weights and bearings, the sculpture displays captivating choreographies while rotating around its axis, resembling a gyroscope that unveils infinite variations of the color wheel.

Acquiring one of the limited 200 editions ensures inclusion in a first-choice newsletter and exclusive access to selected events at Casa Axis, the residence of Felipe Pantone Studio, a space-age architectural structure once known as the "rotating house." The kinetic sculpture pays homage to this unique place through its rhythmic movement, evoking a sense of perpetual rotation. 


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