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@gagosian is pleased to announce the global representation of Tetsuya Ishida, in association with the artist’s estate.

Inaugurating the relationship, the gallery will present "Tetsuya Ishida: My Anxious Self," curated by @ceciliaalemani at Gagosian, New York.

Opening September 12, it will be the most comprehensive exhibition of the artist’s work staged outside Japan, and his first ever in New York. Active as an artist for just a decade, Ishida (1973–2005) produced a compelling body of work imbued with a profound sense of alienation and emotional isolation from the contemporary world. Coming of age during 1990s, an era of nationwide economic malaise known as Japan’s “lost decade,” he made art that conveys anxiety, estrangement, and hopelessness.

To learn more, follow the link in our bio.

Tetsuya Ishida, c. 1995. Photo: © Tetsuya Ishida Estate


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