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Love this guys work ❤️ @heliobray latest release “Lunar State” will be available today 6PM UK BST.

'I want to share with you an exciting new piece of art that I have developed using a silver acrylic sheet, inspired by the moon. This artwork explores the theme of celestial bodies and their captivating energy. The choice of silver color aligns perfectly with the moon's tonality, creating a visual representation that captures the essence of lunar beauty.

The luminescent hue of silver, was carefully chosen to mirror the lunar radiance. This work, aims to forge an intimate connection between art and the celestial bodies that have captivated my imagination since time immemorial.

The silver acrylic's reflective surface mimics the moon's radiant glow, evoking a sense of mystery and tranquility. It is my intention to infuse this art with the captivating essence of the celestial realm, allowing viewers to connect with the vastness of the universe.

I hope that this artwork resonates with others who share the same appreciation for the cosmos, inviting them to explore the wonders of the universe through the lens of art.''

- Helio Bray

Sick!!! Get one in your collection you won’t regret it 😍


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