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hush "dyad" new print release


Dyad a special screen print edition of 100 pieces being released through @onethirty3gallery online tomorrow at 3.30pm UK (BST).

My most technical print to date. It’s proved impossible to show the details in the inks through the photos and the subtleties in the overlays on the silver metallic background.

I spent over 140 hrs making the artwork for the silk screen layers while hoping the inks would react to the overlaying. It’s a trip looking at the details in the piece now it’s made


14 Layer Screen Print with Gloss UV Black & Silver Metallic, on 350gsm Somerset Satin hand made cotton paper Print Size : 740mm x 540mm Approx. (29.5” x 21.5") Signed & Numbered by HUSH 2023

FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY rolled in a protective tube



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