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Jake Chapman - spare prick at a royal wedding

Medium: Hand painted watercolour ink and acrylic on hardback book Size: 15.3 x 23.3 x 2.7 cm Each unique Price: £ 1,000 / £ 2,000 / £ 3,000

This limited edition Jake Chapman hand altered book is available at Heimlich.

The British artist Jake Chapman is making mischief on Instagram with a series of posts lambasting Prince Harry and his recent autobiography Spare, about his life in the UK royal family.

The macabre series of images give a new, rather punchy take on the front cover of the headline-hitting memoir, showing Harry’s face transformed, for instance, under layers of paint, with his eyes gouged out or a hugely elongated nose.

Jake Chapman’s Spare prick at a royal wedding No 30 is one of 54 books altered by the artist© Heimlich Production

The garish reinterpretations of the heavily marketed book’s cover have drawn mixed responses, with one commentator noting that Chapman’s Harry horror pictures are the “gift that keeps on giving”.


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