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Jose PArla "seeing in phosphene


For a time-limited print edition, José Parlá spins memories of a life in art into abstract calligraphy.

Seeing in Phosphene sees Parlá draw on ocular phenomena as a source of inspiration. Caused by light, sound or pressure, ‘phosphene’ describes illusory colours and shapes that come from inside the eye. Rubbing closed eyes and seeing stars are common examples. By looking at the sun through the skylight of his Brooklyn studio and blinking, Parlá finds forms – spots, lines, riding colours – for his energetic paintings. In turn, these forms summon moments – the city, my family and friends, places I’ve been – from his storied past.

Available for 24 hours only, the edition of signed, varnish-sealed prints faithfully recreate an original painting. Set against a vibrant gradient of red, orange and yellow, densely-layered strokes become illegible and evade specificity. Instead, Parlá encourages his viewer to read the surface for themselves – to find their own meaning, and draw their own conclusions.


Dimensions Unframed: 53.6cm x 83.8cm Framed: 61.6cm x 91.8cm x 3.3cm

Framing Prints can be ordered float-mounted with reversible conservation tape in a bespoke wooden frame, painted matte black with visible grain and glazed with 99% UV-proof cast acrylic. Arrives complete with adjustable metal hanging hardware.

Medium UV pigment print with a matte varnish silkscreen seal on 410gsm Somerset Tub Sized Radiant White paper

Authentication COAs will come with a custom emboss Parla logo

Finishing Signed by the artist on the front

Release date May 17, 2023



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