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julia fullerton batten wins aop photography award

📰 NEWS 📰

🏆 Julia Fullerton-Batten has clinched the gold prize at the Association of Photographers (AOP) Photography Awards for her stunning series, "Old Father Thames."

Step back in time with Julia's recreations of iconic moments along the River Thames, including Millais' Ophelia and Waterhouse's The Lady of Shalott. She even reimagines the 1928 Tate Museum flood and the 2006 Thames whale sighting.

Julia's dedication is impressive - she stood waist-deep in water, juggling her camera, laptop, and lighting equipment for the 1814 Frost Fair recreation! ❄️

These images capture London's rich history, like the devastating 1928 flood that left 14 people dead and thousands homeless.

In 2006, a rare whale sighting in the Thames made headlines, though it sadly didn't survive. Julia's work brings this moment to life.

As Julia put it, the Thames is not just a river; it's an "artery of communication and trade between Britain and the world."

Her captivating project wowed the AOP judges, showcasing the river's immense significance in British and world history. 🌟


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