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kaws valentines day drop


Shortly after working alongside the London-based art and design store House of Voltaire to create a limited-edition range of cashmere blankets, KAWS is now preparing for a brand new Valentine’s Day launch. The acclaimed Brooklyn artist has just announced a brand new batch of BFF “Time Off” figures that have been prepared in a trio of colourways.

Viewed as one of the more popular silhouettes from KAWS, the BFF figure was first introduced in 2016. Its body type is inspired by the artist’s ACCOMPLICE AND COMPANION figures as it bears the body type of the former and the gloves and shoes of the latter. And for this newest launch, it has been shaped to be lying down on its right hip, posted up without a worry in the world. It’s designed in a relaxed position which directly correlates with its “TIME OFF” title and has been readied in blue, black and pink colourways.


Interested in adding these to your home? All three of these BFF variants will be released tomorrow, February 14 at noon ET on and you can check out a first look above.

In case you missed it, the Skarstedt Gallery recently presented its Faces & Figures exhibition that features various KAWS pieces.



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