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Kotao’ Tomozawa - avant arte


Just 7 hours left to enter the drawer for a chance to buy these awesome bronze sculptures by @tkotao

Titled Ruki-chan (Black or Red)

Kotao’ Tomozawa's interrogations of the uncanny continue in an edition of sculptural slime dolls. Ruki-chan appears as if picked up by an ankle, Achilles-style, and dipped head-first into a pool of slime. A recurring character in Kotao’s practice, Ruki-chan is based on her childhood doll – a companion who played a part in her early experiments with slime. The bronze sculpture is covered in a layer of urethane paint, contrasting a black gloss coating reflecting the hyperreal shine of slime. Absurd, intriguing and yet elegantly-minimal, Ruki-chan continues the artist’s mediations on senses and texture.

Limited edition of just 20 on each so chances are slim but if your lucky to get one of these in your collection then happy days 😍


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