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my dog sigh "easter treasure hunt"


This year world-renowned street artist, My Dog Sighs is celebrating 20 years of creating work and having founded his career through Free Art Friday. To celebrate his 20th anniversary, he is creating a huge three-day Free Art treasure hunt over the Easter Weekend in Portsmouth.

Starting on Good Friday, 7th April, My Dog Sighs will be hiding over £45,000 worth of art across the city of Portsmouth, covering the north, south, east and west of Portsea Island.

My Dog Sighs will drop a third of the work daily and work with organisations across the city to help maximise the event’s impact on the local economy.

Items are being dropped at different times across the 72-hour period. Clues to the locations of the artworks will be shared on social media.

The treasure combines a small number of very high-value items, a generous amount of mid-price items and a large number of collectable items to give both the excitement of valuable prizes with plenty of opportunities for people to find something.

· 3 original hand-painted cans

· 20 hand-painted pebbles

· 60 exclusive limited edition prints only available via the treasure hunt

· 600 specially minted My Dog Sighs coins will only be available via the treasure hunt.

· 2000 beer mats



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