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Available now!! With some sold out already so be quick!!!

@mydogsighs has created some awesome original wooden plaques ❤️

Titled ‘Wooden Hug Series’

“I’ve been quietly working on these, between projects and when I’ve got a bit of studio time for over a year now and am excited to release this new series of hand painted, hand assembled and beautifully presented wood panel presentation pieces.” Says My dog sighs.

Each colourway edition is a series of similar but unique pieces. All hand painted and assembled in the studio. For some colourways he’s produced just one version, for others there is multiples.

Whether you like the classic, finger painted primary colours that have been synonymous with Everyman for many years, a bright spray paint tag or something more urban with a concrete finish, he’s had loads of fun producing something to suit everyone’s taste.

Each artwork comes ready to hang but also he’s made them extra special by presenting them in super swanky velvet lined, custom built presentation boxes.

He says” You know what I’m going to say now, the perfect present for the special person in your life (be it, a loved one or yourself)!”

Each pieces comes signed with a certificate of authentication direct from the studio. Each wooden panel is fitted with hanging clasp for wall hanging. They are all one of one original pieces.

Brilliant! We just love them 😍


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