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The countdown has begun for the release of Nick Walker's highly anticipated limited edition print, "Half The Time."

This limited edition print will be available Wednesday, June 21st at 5 PM CET at 2B Art Gallery website.

"Half The Time" by Nick Walker is a mesmerizing limited edition print that encapsulates the essence of time and rebellion. Through the presence of Vandal, the pocket watch, and the smoking and floating numbers, Nick Walker invites us to ponder the fleeting nature of existence and the imperative to seize the present moment. This artwork not only showcases Nick Walker's mastery as a street artist but also prompts us to reflect on our relationship with time, rebellion, and the transient nature of our lives. "Half The Time" is a testament to the power of art to provoke thought, spark conversation, and inspire us to live fully in the face of time's unrelenting passage.


"Half The Time" limited edition print

Edition size: 126 printed in five layers + 9 AP versions of diamond dust, purple, and blue

Medium: Five-layer screenprint, 3 color-ways and 9 pcs with added Diamond Dust, printed on Somerset velvet radiant white 330 gsm paper

Dimensions: 85 x 65 cm

Price: 490,00€ – 690,00€

Signed by: @nickwalker_art

Release: 2B Art Gallery, 2023

Comes with a certificate of authenticity



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