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PACO POMET - Not Street Art


Paco Pomet releases a new print today on his website at 6pm BST.

Paco Pomet, the Spanish artist known for his surreal and thought-provoking works, has captivated the art world with his visually striking and socially conscious paintings. Through his skillful blend of realism and surrealism, Pomet transports viewers into dreamlike worlds, challenging perceptions and sparking introspection. With muted color palettes punctuated by vibrant bursts, he invites us to question conventional narratives and explore themes of power, identity, and the human condition. Pomet's art has gained international acclaim, making him a visionary artist who leaves a lasting impact on the contemporary art scene.




SIZE 62 x 75.5 cm

DETAILS 18 colour screen print on 1.5mm Favini Sumo White Cardboard Edition of 75

PUBLISHED BY Published by Christian M. Walter - Taller de Serigrafía - Edición Signed, Numbered & Titled by the artist Prints will ship flat week commencing 15th May 2023



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