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preston paperboy x obsessed art x roys art fair


We are excited to work with the amazing @prestonpaperboy

Nathan works in-between the lines of realism and expressionism and his stunning work deals with the things that are unsaid the emotions that lurk beneath the perfect surface.

It's said that the eyes are the window to the soul and Nathan's eyes are always meticulously painted in photo realism.

The negative space employed by Preston Paperboy around the eyes are filled with expressionistic markings, subverted brands, iconography and raw emotion.

Without a doubt one of the most powerful painters working today we are proud to be showing 5 new original paintings and selection of exclusive prints available to the guests of @roysartfair

Be part of the story and come and see Preston's installation @ obsessedart artist installations

If you haven't got your tickets yet head over to and secure your free tickets.


The exhibition runs from

28th September - 1st October

Barge House

Oxo Tower Wharf




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