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The lovely @sarapopeartist new solo show ‘RED’ opened @grovegalleryofficial and it looked a lovely night!

Renowned psychologist Carl Jung once described colour as the ‘mother tongue of the subconscious.’ Colour wields the power to shape thoughts, elevate spirits, influence productivity, and evoke emotions. Our decisions are subtly guided by its impact. Sara Pope explores all the meanings behind the colour, the psychology, physiology, cultural significance and more with the extraordinary and sticking exhibition entitled ‘RED’. Since her first strokes on canvas, the allure of red has consistently captivated Sara Pope more than any other hue. Brushes, studio, and painting attire consistently adorned with splashes of red led to the inquiry: why red? For Sara, the connection may stem partly from inspiration drawn from experiences in fashion and media. During this period, Sara had a keen interest in understanding what generates attraction, captures attention, and sparks desire.


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