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30 unique artworks form an ensemble of grinning bronze cats by Ryan Travis Christian.

The devilish cat originates from Christian’s drawing Cut Dick, depicting a row of cats standing in hell. In a sculptural re-imagining, each cat holds a framed graphite drawing, riffing on vintage rubber-hose animation.

Spanning loaded themes such as gunplay, medication, self depreciation and dizzying abstract patterns, each drawing is a dive into the artist’s mind. With a plethora of satirical connotations attached to each illustration, Christian hopes for the viewer to determine what story each cat holds.

Please note that works from the edition will be randomly assigned.


Dimensions 36.2cm x 27.3cm x 18cm

Medium Painted bronze sculpture with acrylic frame containing a unique work on paper.

Finishing Each work on paper is signed and dated on the rear. Each sculpture is engraved with a signature and edition size on the rear.

Release date June 20, 2023


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