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tboy - "a note to blek


"I’m a huge fan of @blekleratoriginal , as a collector as well as an artist I’m lucky enough to own a few of his pieces. When you see rat stencils everyone always says ‘is that a Banksy?’ But the real originator of stencil graffiti is Blek le Rat"

I’m a Banksy fan too but this is a little acknowledgment to the king of stencil art.

This is a little test note complete with bite marks...."

"I have been a big fan of Blek le Rat for sometime now and this is a little homage to him"


This piece is a genuine £10 note with tiny bite marks in it, with layered spray-can work featuring a rat with drop shadow.

Each piece is a 1 of 1 as each one is unique.

Made to order so please allow 7 days.

Comes framed with double mount.

Signed original.



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