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Enter the draw now over for you chance to buy this latest release by the awesome @ynhp aka Yoon Hyup

Titled ‘In The City’ Yoon expresses what exists beyond the city through his unique perspective.

A new composition created specially for our second collaboration, In The City shows New York alive at night through an abstracted lens. Amongst the scenery, rhythms dwell, energy flows and countless stories of people's lives are imprinted. Whilst the vibrant palette is spontaneously selected, the flow of the work is fine tuned by Yoon Hyup who transports his mind to the multiple emotions that he had in the city. Smooth strokes become rhythmical with colorful dots, connecting the flow of his mind with the DNA of his painting. The texture of the original paint markings are meticulously translated into the print.

"As I see it – the city is like a large organism which is filled with various energies.”

Awesome 🤩 Love it!! We’ve entered, will you?

More info to @avantarteinsiders


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