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Tomorrow @banksy's mural "valentine's day mascara" is available to buy x 27,000 times!

That's because @showpiecegram a company that specialises in fraternal ownership of incredibly valuable items.

The mural was removed from its original location under the supervision of @redeightgallery and has been housed in Dreamland in Margate a local amusement park!

The piece has been valued at 6 million pounds and you have a chance to buy a share in it from tomorrow the 22cnd of August!

It's a bit like Eskimos having their ice sold back to them! As it was intended for the public but let's be honest without the amazing work done by the preservers of Banksy's work it would undeniably be lost forever!

And what better way to be involved with this iconic piece to then to own a piece of it and profit out of its final sale at some point down the road!

At £120 a share with the total shares making up 27,000!

So in essence if it achieves it's valuation of 6 million you have made a cool profit as those shares reach a total of 3.2million.

Almost doubling your money!



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