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8 Hours left to bag a Barry McGee print. are spoiling us with this neon-hued esoterica from the mind of this legendary artist.

Their first collaboration with Barry McGee is a greatest hits style montage of his life in San Francisco. From disgruntled looking Everyman heads – an allegory for the city’s ‘invisible’ homeless population – to acronyms for the graffiti crews he tags with, the untitled print rewards those familiar with the artist’s expansive and experimental practice. Improvised abstract geometries fill the gaps, providing “areas to rest the eye” and loading the print with McGee's distinct aesthetic code.

Used iteratively across his paintings and installations, once-specific symbols take on looser meanings. Letters become “mantras of some sort” and floating heads “placeholders or punctuation.”

It’s a timed edition that started yesterday and orders close at 3PM GMT


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