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🙀 @heni is delighted to present Paper Blossoms by @damienhirst a series of 900 unique original paintings on card featuring the vibrant imagery of his Cherry Blossoms paintings. Each of the Paper Blossoms is signed and titled by Damien Hirst in oil paint on the verso.

A selection of the artworks are on view right now at the gallery in #london.

For those with deep pockets the application period is now open and closes at 17:00 GMT on 14 November.

Here’s a few words from the man himself about his new series - “I want them to make you feel good, feel happy, I want you to get lost in them. and I want them to feel like summer, I want you to forget your troubles if you have any, for a moment and enjoy the idea of flowers, of sunlight and of cherry blossoms and I want you to love the chaos and celebration of the splattered paint. Is that wrong for me to want that? Does that make me a hippy?"

We think it does Damien 😍

Brilliant work as always 👊🏼


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