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Johnny Depp - Bunnyman Drop


🤩🤩 We want them all!! @johnnydepp latest collection ‘The Bunnyman Genesis’ is available to buy now @castlegalleries

In Johnny Depp's latest series, The Bunnyman Genesis (2023), an intriguing, silhouetted figure stands before four different, yet parallel, realms in the collection of mixed media prints: ‘Origins’, ‘Cosmic’, ‘Flowers’ and ‘Multiverse’. Layering each composition with varying textures, contrasting blocks of colour and confident mark-making, Depp has developed a body of work which demonstrates his expressive creativity.

Having experimented with The Bunnyman image for years, Depp has now fully envisioned him in this bold new series. Infused with a celestial undertone, the symbolic figure stands resolute, adopting the same pose within each of the artist’s conjured dreamscapes. As if sharing his protagonist’s origin story, Depp gives viewers glimpses of a character who existed in his dreams before arriving in his son’s. Not only an inseparable friend and powerful self-representation of Depp, The Bunnyman is also an icon of his imagination.

Some years ago, Depp saw a sketch of a figure by his son, who’d been unsettled by a nightmare in which he’d appeared. The figure reminded the artist that, decades before, he’d also experienced recurring dreams involving this character. “But that dream kept coming to me, I had it a lot and that’s sort of what The Bunnyman became, is that figure in the dream”. They were connected by this shared night-time vision, but Depp perceived it as more comforting, than haunting: “There he was a benevolent creature, like he was there to warn me in my dream.”

Absolute class and buying one right now!!


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