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Strictly one copy per person/order!! Available now over @skarstedtgallery is @kaws latest book ‘Spoke to soon’

Published on the occasion of the exhibition KAWS: SPOKE TOO SOON at Skarstedt, New York, this catalogue features full plate images, details, and installation photographs, with custom fluorescent printing throughout.

SPOKE TOO SOON, featured a selection of new paintings and sculptures by KAWS. Within their familiarity and playful lineage, KAWS’ characters are synoptic in their evocations of human emotion – a departure from his colorful abstractions, these paintings offer new narrative possibilities for his beloved cast. Facing formidable challenges, CHUM and COMPANION inhabit harsh, claustrophobic landscapes, and despite trenchant reaches for survival, they are still caught in waves of isolation, danger, and doleful woes. Whether at the edge of a cliff or a breaking branch ensuing a fateful plunge, there are only brief respites, leaving us to commiserate with their exhaustion.

Ordered! Thanks @kaws and @skarstedtgallery we look forward to having a good flick through.


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