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Just 5 days remain to apply for @peterdoig latest release with @heni

HENI is delighted to present a new series of six prints by Peter Doig after some of his celebrated recent paintings. The artworks are Giclée prints on Cotton Smooth Rag, framed in oak, numbered and hand-signed by the artist. There are two large prints, Alpinist and House of Music (Soca Boat), available as an edition of 25 plus 5 artist proofs and priced at $20,000 (plus any applicable taxes). The four smaller artworks, Alpinist, House of Music (Soca Boat), Alice at Boscoe's, and Music (2 Trees), are an edition of 250 plus 25 artist proofs, priced at $3,500 (plus any applicable taxes).

The application period for the prints is open and will close 5PM UK BST on 16 October.


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