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Hey just left @artbypopsee 1st solo exhibition “DICHOTOMY” and had a blast so quick post and here’s some info. New to us (thanks to Mike for the intel, you know who you are 😉) if your in Shoreditch over the weekend Head down to the Industrial Event Space and check it out 😎

PoPsee is showcasing his multi-media artwork pieces from digital art, paintings, objects, and crafts.

PoPsee, real name Barry Samms, is a contemporary artist melding digital art with contemporary cultural references.

The work is ironic, humorous, playful, nostalgic, and thought-provoking – using the dichotomy of known historical moments, pop icons, and luxury brands to make a visual statement on what is valued in society.

Using the iconic 1932 “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” black and white photograph, PoPsee replaced the steel beam with a Nike swoosh for his artwork “Half Time”.

There’s plenty more we won’t ruin them all, check out our story’s too 🤓


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