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🚨 RELEASE 🚨 releases 'Death Carrier Bunny' by @robertnava7

Tropes collide in a print on metal by Robert Nava.

Death Carrier Bunny, as its title suggests, brings together saccharine and morbid archetypes to absurd effect. Skulls adorn the back of a bright white rabbit surrounded by swathes of blood-like drips. Cartoonish yet gestural, and laced with art historical irreverence, the painting is emblematic of Nava’s monster-filled oeuvre – uninhibited by specificity.

For an edition of 35 prints the painting has been transposed to aluminium sheets, lending an industrial sheen to the surface of the artwork, and finished with flashes of white gold leaf. Intentional tarnishing of the exposed metal makes every print unique.

Frame included


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